Samsung Galaxy: iPad Killer?

Earlier this year Apple released the iPad, a new piece of technology best described as a tablet computer. The iPad is capable of handling owner's audio, video, movie, and game needs-as well as web content, books and periodicals. The iPad uses practically the same operating software as the predating iPod touch and iPhone. Apple has sold three million iPad devices in only eighty days. Its popularity is probably explained by the fact that no other company has been able to release a device to compete with the iPad's high levels of functionality and desirability-until now... Samsung has recently revealed that they have created a similar product to compete with Apple's iPad, the new Samsung Galaxy. The only real differences between the two devices are that the Samsung Galaxy sports a seven inch screen, 2.7 inches smaller than the 9.7 inch screen on Apple's iPad, and the iPad has a slightly … [Read More...]


Stargaze in Style With a Celestron Telescope

Many people are fascinated with the night sky and dream of going to space but for most people, the closest they will get to their dream is by looking through a telescope. The best telescope you can find is a Celestron telescope. This telescope has been in production since the 1950s.  Celestron is known for the quality telescopes it makes. Celestron telescopes are good enough for even professional … [Read More...]


Sony Ericsson Z1 PlayStation Phone

The hype surrounding the reality of a PlayStation phone is coming to a head with the leak of some pictures, and a clear 3 minute video that appeared on the internet, on Dec. 4th 2010, and it clearly shows that the phone is a reality. It is going to be called the Sony Ericsson Zeus or Sony Z1, and it looks like it going to be a best seller for sure. The Sony Zeus or Sony Z1 has real … [Read More...]


Software to Spy on BlackBerry

The smart phone wars have been going on for some time now. One of the main contenders in this war is the BlackBerry. Despite all the flashy applications that the iPhone offers, the BlackBerry is still the preferred smartphone of businessmen who appreciate convenience and reliability over flashy interfaces. There is now a new application for the BlackBerry that is becoming increasingly popular: … [Read More...]


Pioneer AVH P4200DVD Review

Imagine you have to make a long journey from Detroit to New York City alone, with your Toyota Tacoma 2010. Its distance about 614 miles and you may get there during ten hours driving. The problem is you want to replace the car audio system by new one. Which product you can choose? Pioneer AVH P4200DVD is one of the top list. Many features were added to increasing the quality of sound and image. You may amazing how steroid you can listening your favorite song from the speakers and how awesome … [Read More...]


Acer AspireRevo AR1600-U910H

The Acer AspireRevo is currently one of the latest sensations to hit the desktop world. It is extremely affordable, stylish and very practical. This little computer is categorized as a nettop, which is a sort of netbook in the desktop world. It is very small, measuring at just 7.1 x 7.1 x 1.2 inches and is powerful enough to run daily computing tasks (such as checking emails, word processing and surfing the web). One of the most impressive features of the Acer AspireRevo is that it is also designed to be an entertainment center. Thanks to the NVIDIA ION LE graphics processor and the HDMI port, this nettop is capable of playing HD movies. Just plug it to a HDTV in your living room or a HD monitor and you are ready to go! The specs on this nettop model are similar to those on a netbook. It has a 1.6Ghz Atom processor, a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of DDR2 RAM. Judging from the specs, this desktop is best suited for those who has light … [Read More...]


Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable Review

The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable is truly a revolution in turntable technology. Most DJs will agree that they love the feel of vinyl and the simplicity and convenience of CDs. With the CDX, Numark has essentially combined the best of both worlds - a turntable that uses 12-inch records as the controlling interface but still utilizes CDs. In other words, you get the feel of vinyl with the ease of CDs. Numark CDX utilizes a high torque direct drive motor. Those of you familiar with the very popular Numark TTX will immediately recognize this motor. You can adjust the start and stop times easily, and the dual start/stop buttons on either side make it very easy to position it for different uses (i.e. in a battle or standard setting). The CDX features an impressive key-lock function that locks in the key of the vocals or music even when the tempo is increased. You'll find it easy to keep track of the BPM (beats per minute) with the … [Read More...]


On Mobile Phones and Gadgets

I don't pretend to know very much about technology, other than for the fact that it should work. Indeed as a basically disinterested observer I note with some amusement that it is now a far more complicated business trying to switch on a television set than it was in the days of my childhood, when the object itself was a big, heavy wooden box with a small screen and a dial with some 30 or more … [Read More...]


Home Theater Projectors

One of the main reasons people buy a home theater projector is for the cost per image area. While buying a projector has the benefit of giving a huge viewing area, there are some limitations that effect the image quality. Some things to compare are resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, weight, and optional features when shopping for a home theater projector. The most popular home theater … [Read More...]